Hasegawa 1/48 General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon

526th TFS, 86th TFW, US Air Force, Germany 1986

The second Viper in my collection is this Hasegawa F-16C Fighting Falcon. As with the F-16N, the kit goes together with no problems. The only additions I made were the cluster bombs (Hasegawa weapons set) and some seatbelts (Reheat buckles and tape). At this point in my modelling career I switched from predominantly using acrylic paints for the finish to Humbrol enamels — the paint of my youth! I made the change because enamel dries a lot slower making airbrushing easier, both in terms of painting and cleaning. This model was then finished in Johnson’s Klear and an oil wash. I missed off the nose pitot with the intention of replacing it with brass tube and rod, but never got round to it… My F-16D is a little nicer.

Year bought: 1996 (Model Zone, Guildford)

Year built: 1997 (Send Marsh, Surrey, UK)

© Copyright 2004. All Rights Reserved. Jonathan Bryon.

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