Special Hobby 1/48 Mil Mi-1 ‘Hare’

DOSAAF, Soviet Union

As far as I’m aware, Special Hobby’s Mi-1 ‘Hare’ is the only kit of this helicopter in 1/48 scale. It’s a nice kit as well, mostly consisting of limited-run injection-moulded plastic with fine surface detail and a little flash. A small photo-etch fret is included containing a few bits-and-pieces, as are several nicely detailed resin parts for the interior and exhaust vents. The kit is completed by a clear vac-form canopy and nose. It all goes together well apart from the interior. I think the cockpit is too big — the seats look large for this scale, and it doesn’t quite all fit. I missed a few of the pieces out to get the nose to fit. Other than that, no problems. I was surprised at how well the vac-form components fitted to the fuselage, I just wish there was more contact area for the glue. The landing gear and rotor head are extremely simple, but look fine. The kit is painted in Humbrol and Xtracolour enamels and the decals are from the kit. Printed by Propagteam they are some of the nicest decals I’ve ever used and didn’t silver at all.

Year bought: 1999 (Dorking Models, Dorking)

Year built: 2003 (Maid’s Causeway, Cambridge)

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