Hasegawa 1/48 Lockheed F-104C Starfighter

with Aires resin seat

479th TFW, US Air Force, USA 1958

In 2004 I constructed two Hasegawa Starfighters at the same time, this F-104C and an F-104G. These kits are stunning. The fit is brilliant and the detail amazing. The exhaust moulding is incredible, and I am a big fan of the surface detail (but I know many are not!). The Airescockpit set that I used for the F-104G came with a resin seat suitable for use with this Starfighter, so I installed it in the cockpit with the supplied etched harness. I also replaced the kit pitot with brass tube and wire. The only problem area with this kit is the fins for the wingtip tanks, and the problem was of my making: make sure the fins are aligned correctly before adding the tanks to the wings — mine are all over the place. I used the same painting sequence as for my Scorpion: gloss black enamel, Alclad II (in a couple of shades), mask all that off and apply the ADC Grey for the nose and lower wing surfaces, white for the upper wings and red for the tail and speed brakes, all using Humbrol enamels. Apply the decals to these painted surfaces over a coat of Klear and apply the oil wash. The finish is toned down with Pollyscale Flat and then the masking removed from the NMF areas. The wash was then applied directly over the Alclad and the decals applied to the metallic surfaces. Sounds complex, but works for me. The kit decals behaved well using Microsol. Some marking adjustments had to made (e.g. the ‘Really George’ marking is shown in the instructions on the wrong side of the aircraft). I added the refuelling probe, which probably is not accurate. Great kit; I look forward to building my F-104S with the Cutting Edge conversion set.

Year bought: 2000 (Somewhere in Guildford)

Year built: 2004 (Victoria Road, Cambridge)

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