Hasegawa 1/48 Macchi C.205 Veltro

2 Squadron, Royal Egyptian Air Force, Egypt 1948

I was inspired to get this model after reading an article on the 1/72 version of this aircraft in Scale Aviation Modeller International. Hasegawa’s C.205 Veltro is a fantastic kit! The detail is excellent; the fit very good. The boxing I had came with Aeromaster decals for a couple of Egyptian Veltros from the immediate post-war period, and beautiful they were. I know that there is controversy regarding the colours of the REAF Macchis and the exact shape of the camouflage pattern; what you see is my best-guess and may not be right. The finish is Humbrol enamel followed by Klear, oil wash, decals and Matt Cote.

Year bought: 2000 (A model shop in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge)

Year built: 2001 (Maid’s Causeway, Cambridge)

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