Italeri 1/48 Bell AH-1W Supercobra

with Cobra Company resin cockpit and exhaust

HMLA-169 ‘Vipers’, US Marines Corps, 1987

Another helicopter to which I have added Cobra Company resin is this Italeri AH-1W Supercobra. The basic kit is good, but has an inaccurate exhaust area more representative, I believe, of the prototype. The resin upgrade set is basically a completely new cockpit, which is brilliant, and a replacement rear upper fuselage section to correct the kit’s inaccuracy. One other major inaccuracy of the kit is that the rotors are supplied upside-down, which I didn’t discover until I’d finished the model (of course!). I used Humbrol enamels for the finish followed by Johnson’s Klear, an oil wash, and Humbrol Matt Cote. This was fast becoming my standard finishing sequence. The kit decals are typical Italeri; they have a milky white residue and can silver a bit. The Hellfire missiles and rocket pods came in the kit.

Year bought: 1997 (Beatties, Guildford)

Year built: 1998 (Send Marsh, Surrey, UK)

© Copyright 2004. All Rights Reserved. Jonathan Bryon.

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