My name is Jon and I’ve led a fairly eclectic life. This website is an updated version of the old one I started in 2004 written in html 4.  The content is the same and only the formatting has changed. It essentially charts my model aircraft collection which I started in 1994 when I was 16. My old page included material on my PhD in geology and other things related to my life in China; I’m afraid I’ve cut these. If you are looking for the old geology stuff, please send me an email.

Currently I live in New Addington on the southern edge of London in the UK. I am married to the wonderful Abby and have two delightful daughters.


  1. Thomas Molkentin · March 13, 2018

    Hi Jon,
    Nice work on both your models and your website! I’m 57 and just getting back I to the hobby as a builder. I’ve been collecting too many kits over the years…! By the way I live in Tampa Florida.
    Best regards,


    • Jon Bryon · March 13, 2018

      Thanks Tom! I hope you enjoy getting back into building 🙂


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