Revell 1/48 Northrop F-89C Scorpion

74th FIS, US Air Force, Greenland 1954

The F-89C Scorpion is a surprisingly large aircraft — the wing is massive. Revell’s kit of this early Cold War warrior is simple but well-executed. The model has raised panel lines, which I rescribed, but several inaccuracies for the C-model. These include various vents over the fuselage which need to be filled or omitted, moulded-in wing pylons for rockets (not carried by the F-89C), incorrect nosewheels (they should be spoked) and no fins on the wing-tip tanks. I used photos of the F-89C from the web to make the changes to the airframe and added tank fins from plastic card. To improve the nosewheels I overlaid the hubs with paper cut to a spoke pattern to give the impression of spoked hubs. For the NMF I used Alclad II for the first time over an entire airframe. I undercoated with Humbrol enamel gloss black and then sprayed the Aluminium. I then masked off the aluminium and sprayed the red and yellow trim in Humbrol enamel. These areas were coated with Klear, decalled (using the kit decals, which were resistant to settling into the recessed detail), washed with oil and then sealed with Pollyscale Flat. The masking was then removed and an oil wash applied directly onto the Alclad, followed by the decals. Some of the aluminium had to be retouched where small flecks of the Alclad were removed by the masking. The multi-hue metal effect is simply different densities in the application of the Alclad. A nice kit which was straightforward to correct, easy to rescribe and simple to construct.

Year bought: 2000 (Antics, Guildford)

Year built: 2003 (Maid’s Causeway, Cambridge)


  1. Carlos "Charlie" Ballesteros · June 27, 2016

    Great model. I have my own. Basic differences are that mine has a black frame cannopy, no “pocked” nose wheel, those two wheels on the main landing gear are in black so the tire and the wheel could no be adverted. I’ve always wonder if “tanks” located on the wiing tip are fuel tanks or missile storage. Very nice work.


    • Jon Bryon · June 28, 2016

      Thanks for your kind comments. On this model, the wing tip tanks are for fuel. Later F-89s did use them to hold missiles or rockets (depending on the subtype).


  2. Carlos "Charlie" Ballesteros · June 27, 2016

    One more question: Do you know if main landing gear tires on the actual aircraft were pneumatic or solid? Seemed to me to be solid, either because of diameter and / or width that makes to look like very narrow. Best regards.


    • Jon Bryon · June 28, 2016

      I can’t imagine they’re solid, but they are huge!


  3. Max Brandt · December 25, 2017

    Excellent work, Jon! It’s not often we see early variants of the old Scorpion and in quarter scale no less. Re-scribbing those annoying raised panel lines is a must on aircraft with bare metal showing, why Revell-Monogram held out on this issue for so long I will never know. “Bondo” Phil Brandt did and excellent late variant of the Scorpion with Falcon missiles on swing-out launch rails in the wing tanks, it’s an interesting contrast to your early Scorp. Keep up the fine work, I’m learning much through your modeling woes and resin purchases!


    • Jon Bryon · January 24, 2018

      Thanks Max. I’ve been on Hyperscale since the beginning, and well remember Bondo Phil’s later model F-89. A modern tooling would be most welcome!


  4. Alex Daum · November 26, 2018

    Hello Jon,
    I found your amazing work while searching the internet for the construction manual of the F-89C by Revell. A friend of mine bought the kit second hand but without manual. Is there a chance that you still have the sheets and if so, could send me a copy? Or maybe you have a clue where I can find it elsewhere (I´ve already searched on Revell´s site without success)?


    • Jon Bryon · December 1, 2018

      Hi Alex, unfortunately I don’t still have the instruction manual and I don’t know where you could find it. I would try asking on some modelling forums.


      • Alex Daum · December 1, 2018

        Thanks for answering. Fortunately my friend has found a copy meanwhile.


      • charliebowman65yahoocom · December 4, 2018

        Hey! hello there!

        I have that instruction manual that Alex Dum is looking for. I can send you pics by e mail converted to PDF. Would you like it? It is for free, just to help others.

        All the best.

        Charlie Bowman ________________________________ De: Jon’s Models Enviado: sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2018 10:27 p. m. Para: Asunto: [New comment] Revell 1/48 Northrop F-89C Scorpion

        Alex Daum commented: “Thanks for answering. Fortunately my friend has found a copy meanwhile.”


  5. charliebowman65yahoocom · December 4, 2018

    O.K that’s cool. Anyway I have some others. If you need any help please don’t hesitate. Regards.


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